Taxi Drivers Clash Over Ridesharing Apps in Morocco’s Transportation Industry

Casablanca, Morocco – Taxi drivers in Morocco are facing a clash with the rise of ridesharing apps in the country. Despite the increasing popularity of apps like Uber and Careem among consumers, taxi drivers are rejecting the presence of these services, leading to ongoing tensions on the streets of Moroccan cities. The rejection of ridesharing … Read more

Dating Apps Warning: US Citizen Deaths in Colombia Linked to Risks of Robbery, Overdose and Homicide

BOGOTA, Colombia – A recent string of suspicious deaths of American citizens in Colombia has prompted the US mission in Bogota to issue a warning about the potential risks of dating in the South American country. The deaths, which occurred between November and December, involved circumstances indicative of involuntary drugging overdose or suspected homicides. One … Read more

Mysterious Deaths in Colombia Linked to Dating Apps, Leaving Families Searching for Answers

Medellin, Colombia – The recent string of mysterious deaths involving American men in Colombia has been linked to dating apps, leaving relatives of the victims searching for answers. Among those killed was Tou Ger Xiong, a Hmong-American community activist and comedian from Minnesota who tragically fell victim to the dangers associated with online dating and … Read more

**Colombia Travel Advisory** : State Department Warns of Risks Using Dating Apps in Crime-Stricken Colombia

Medellin, Colombia – The U.S. State Department has issued a warning urging Americans traveling to Colombia to refrain from using dating apps while in the country, citing concerns of criminal activities targeting users of these apps. The advisory comes in the wake of several suspicious deaths and rising incidents of robbery and violence associated with … Read more

Warning Travelers to Colombia: Avoid Online Dating Apps to Prevent Suspicious Deaths, U.S. State Department Urges

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory for Americans visiting Colombia, warning them to exercise caution when using online dating apps in the country due to several “suspicious deaths” involving U.S. citizens. Throughout the final months of 2023, eight U.S. citizens were reportedly killed by involuntary drug overdoses or suspected homicides in the … Read more

Americans Warned: Avoid Dating Apps When Traveling to Colombia Amid Rise in Suspicious Deaths

MEDDELLIN, Colombia – The State Department has issued a warning to American travelers advising them not to use dating apps while traveling to Colombia after multiple “suspicious deaths” of U.S. citizens in the South American country. Colombia has been labeled a country that Americans should “reconsider travel” to because of crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and kidnapping … Read more