Youth violence erupts at West Auckland McDonald’s in brutal daytime assault

Auckland, New Zealand – A recent brutal daytime attack at a McDonald’s restaurant in West Auckland has left residents alarmed and authorities on high alert. The incident, which occurred within the past two weeks, involved a young man being viciously assaulted by a group of individuals, prompting families with children to flee the chaotic scene. … Read more

Violent Assault Caught on Video at Henderson Bus Station in Auckland Sparks Outrage and Police Action

Auckland, New Zealand – Shock and outrage swept through the community as a disturbing video surfaced on social media, depicting a group of teenage girls violently attacking another girl outside the Henderson bus station in West Auckland. The video, captured on a Saturday afternoon, shows the assailants surrounding the victim, with some aggressively striking her, … Read more

Attack at Auckland Bus Station Leads to Arrest of Man on Violent Charges

Auckland, New Zealand – Following a disturbing incident on an Auckland bus, a man has been apprehended in connection with an aggressive and unprovoked attack on a bus driver. The altercation took place in Ponsonby around 4:30 pm when a 39-year-old man boarded the bus without tagging on. Police report that after being requested to … Read more

Fatal Attack at Auckland Sushi Shop Leaves Owner Stable: Police

Wellington, New Zealand – A tragic incident unfolded at a sushi shop on Auckland’s North Shore, where a person lost their life in a violent attack on Thursday night. Reports indicate that the individual succumbed to self-inflicted injuries following an assault at Neco Sushi, while the store owner was left seriously injured and was subsequently … Read more

Violence at Auckland School Sparks Concerns Over Student Safety

Auckland, New Zealand – Student violence poses a significant challenge to schools across the country, according to the Auckland Secondary Schools Principals’ Association. The issue came to light after a disturbing video from Ōrewa College in Auckland surfaced, showing a student being attacked by another while onlookers watched and screamed. In the video, a female … Read more

Brutal Attack by Group of Teenagers on Marcellin College Student Sends Shockwaves Through Auckland Community

Auckland, New Zealand – The Marcellin College Board of Trustees has expressed deep sorrow and anger after a student was brutally attacked by a group of at least 10 teenagers, sparking a police investigation. The school has condemned the violent act and emphasized its zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment within the school community. The … Read more