Deadly Bacterium Linked to Mass Deaths of African Elephants in Zimbabwe: Study Findings

VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe – A recent study conducted by scientists from the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, the Animal and Plant Health Agency UK, the University of Surrey, and laboratories in South Africa has revealed that a bacterium closely associated with deadly septicemia could be the cause of the deaths of six African elephants in Zimbabwe, … Read more

Elephant Deaths Linked to Obscure Bacterium Responsible for Fatal Blood Poisoning, Study Finds

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding the mass deaths of African elephants in 2020, possibly attributing it to a previously unknown bacterium called Bisgaard taxon 45. This bacterium has never been seen in wild elephants before and is now being closely studied for its potential role in the deaths of hundreds … Read more

Mysterious Bacterium Behind African Savannah Elephant Deaths Discovered, Sparking Worry Among Conservationists

Hwange, Zimbabwe – Scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery that sheds light on the mysterious deaths of African Savannah elephants in Zimbabwe and Botswana in 2020. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications reveals the finding of a previously unseen bacterium in the bodies of six elephants, pointing to a possible cause of … Read more

Elephant Killer: Rare Bacterium Identified as Cause of Mysterious African Elephant Deaths in Zimbabwe

VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe – Three years ago, Zimbabwe experienced the sudden deaths of dozens of African elephants, sparking an investigation into the cause. Now, researchers have identified the elusive killer as a rare and little-known bacterium that can lead to deadly hemorrhaging through organ inflammation. Known as Pasteurellaceae Bisgaard taxon 45, the pathogen was found … Read more