Aggravated Murder Charge Added for Driver Responsible for Officer’s Death in Rutland Tragedy

RUTLAND, Vermont – Tate Rheaume, charged initially with negligent operation and eluding police resulting in death, now faces more serious charges, including aggravated murder, according to the Rutland County State’s Attorney’s office. This new charge, carrying a mandatory life sentence without parole, adds to the already significant legal consequences Rheaume is facing, with a maximum … Read more

Shooter Identified in 2018 Deaths of Arizona Couple: Kenneth Gene Snyder Responsible for Littlefield Tragedy

Littlefield, Arizona – Authorities in Mohave County have made a breakthrough in the case of the 2018 deaths of Jerry and Susan McFalls, a couple from Littlefield. The couple, both 62 years old, went missing from their home on the Arizona Strip on January 11, 2018. Their remains were discovered in a shallow grave near … Read more

Extremist Murder Report for 2023 Lacks Transgender Killer, Right-Wing Extremists Responsible for All Deaths

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The Anti-Defamation League has come under scrutiny for excluding the case of transgender shooter Audrey Hale from its list of extremist-related murders in 2023. Despite police confirmation of the legitimacy of Hale’s manifesto, which expressed hatred for white people, the ADL claimed there was no clear evidence of extremism in her case. … Read more

Navalny’s Death: Biden Points Finger at Putin as Responsible

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden expressed his concern over the suspected death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, placing the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin for the incident. Navalny, a fierce critic of Putin, was reported to be in a critical condition after allegedly being poisoned and imprisoned by the Russian government. Biden’s … Read more

Elephant Deaths Linked to Obscure Bacterium Responsible for Fatal Blood Poisoning, Study Finds

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding the mass deaths of African elephants in 2020, possibly attributing it to a previously unknown bacterium called Bisgaard taxon 45. This bacterium has never been seen in wild elephants before and is now being closely studied for its potential role in the deaths of hundreds … Read more