Aggravated Murder Charge Added for Driver Responsible for Officer’s Death in Rutland Tragedy

RUTLAND, Vermont – Tate Rheaume, charged initially with negligent operation and eluding police resulting in death, now faces more serious charges, including aggravated murder, according to the Rutland County State’s Attorney’s office. This new charge, carrying a mandatory life sentence without parole, adds to the already significant legal consequences Rheaume is facing, with a maximum … Read more

Opposition Politician Aleksei Navalny Added To List Of Influential Russians Who Have Died Or Faced Murky Circumstances Under Putin’s Rule

MOSCOW, Russia – The list of influential figures in Russia who have met violent or suspicious deaths after opposing or criticizing President Vladimir Putin or the Kremlin is extensive and continues to grow. The most recent addition to this list is the prominent opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, who passed away on February 16 while serving … Read more