Shooter Unleashes Barrage of more than 100 Rounds in Deadly Burnsville Incident

Burnsville, Minnesota – State investigators have revealed shocking new details from the tragic Burnsville shooting, highlighting the harrowing events that unfolded early Sunday. Shannon Gooden, the shooter, reportedly launched a sudden attack on officers inside his residence, firing over 100 rifle rounds without warning. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension confirmed the existence of body … Read more

Burnsville Shooter Shannon Gooden Unleashes Barrage of Rifle Rounds on Officers Without Warning

Burnsville, MN – A tragic shooting incident unfolded in Burnsville, Minnesota, early Sunday as Shannon Gooden opened fire on police officers inside his home, according to details released by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. More than 100 rifle rounds were fired by Gooden, leading to a standoff with law enforcement. The police were initially … Read more