Murder-for-Hire Plot Targets ‘Vibrant’ 96-Year-Old Widow as She Bakes Birthday Cookies

Jacksonville, Florida – A 96-year-old widow known for her vibrant personality was tragically killed in a murder-for-hire plot while innocently preparing birthday cookies, according to local authorities. The suspects involved in the chilling crime have since been taken into custody by the police. The victim, who lived in a quiet neighborhood in Jacksonville, was described … Read more

Military Advisor Killed by Exploding Birthday Gift in Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine – A tragic incident unfolded within the Ukrainian military as a top advisor to the commander-in-chief lost his life due to an explosion from a birthday gift. Major Gennadiy Chastiakov met his untimely demise when an unknown explosive device erupted while opening a present. General Valery Zaluzhny mourned the loss of his assistant … Read more

Transgender Teen Survives Horrific 14-Times Stabbing Attack at London Birthday Party

London, UK – An 18-year-old transgender girl was brutally stabbed 14 times at a birthday celebration in London last weekend, in what appears to be a horrific act of anti-trans violence. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was reportedly attending a party at the Harrow Leisure Center Roller Rink when a group of people began … Read more

Transgender teen stabbed 14 times at London birthday party during transphobic attack

LONDON, UK – A transgender girl was the victim of a brutal stabbing at a birthday party, where she was attacked by a group of individuals who subjected her to transphobic slurs. The incident occurred in Masons Avenue, London, in the borough of Harrow. The teenager was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed 14 … Read more

Palm Bay Gunman Kills 3 at Church, Birthday Party, Police Say

Palm Bay, Florida – A sense of disbelief grips the community of Palm Bay after a tragic shooting incident that left four dead, including a retired priest and two others, with two officers wounded. The incident, which took place during a family celebration, involved a 24-year-old gunman, Brandon Kapas, who was later shot and killed … Read more