Outburst of Rare Nova Star to Brighten Night Sky in Spectacular Display

Astrophiles in and around the globe are eagerly anticipating a remarkable celestial event that is expected to occur sometime between now and September. A binary star system located 3,000 light years away in the constellation Corona Borealis, known as the “northern crown,” is set to dazzle the night sky with a rare and captivating explosion. … Read more

Protest Art and Vigil for George Floyd on Display in Phoenix Exhibit

Phoenix, Arizona – The emotional aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis has transcended borders, inspiring protest art and memorials around the world. Now, hundreds of these artifacts are on display outside of Minnesota for the first time, giving viewers elsewhere the chance to engage with the emotionally raw protest art and mourn Floyd, as … Read more

Uprising: George Floyd Artifacts on Display in Phoenix

Tempe, Ariz. – Hundreds of artifacts left at the site of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis are now on display at the Arizona State University Art Museum. This collection of protest art serves as a memorial for Floyd and other Black Americans killed by police. The exhibit, titled “Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from … Read more

Bravery on Display: Tijuana Police Officers Repel Violent Attack and Defend Their Turf

TIJUANA, MEXICO – In a recent incident in Johnson Canyon, Tijuana, two municipal police officers demonstrated immense courage as they repelled a violent attack. The officers found themselves in a confrontation with an assailant and, despite the odds, managed to defend themselves successfully, ultimately resulting in the fatal injury of their attacker. These officers, who … Read more

Brutality: Mexican Drug Cartels Display Horrific Power in New Act of Violence

Mexican drug cartels are known for their displays of horrific brutality, often for the purpose of gaining power and control in the region. In recent news, reports have surfaced of a particularly gruesome and violent display by these cartels, shedding light on the lengths they are willing to go to in order to establish dominance. … Read more