Threatening Texts: Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Murder of Two Women in New Hampshire

Dover, New Hampshire – A troubling text message sent by Dean Smoronk to his ex-girlfriend, Christine Sullivan, in the weeks leading up to her brutal 2017 murder, hinted at the turmoil in their relationship. The message read, “You have a short time left on this earth.” The exchange of threatening texts between the couple occurred … Read more

Explosion: Death of Elderly Woman and Injuries to Juvenile in New Hampshire House Blast

DERRY, N.H. – Tragedy struck a quiet New Hampshire town as an elderly woman lost her life in a house explosion, leaving a juvenile female critically injured. The incident, which occurred on Goodhue Road in Derry on Thursday morning, prompted an immediate response from emergency crews, underscoring the devastating impact of the blast. The New … Read more

House Explosion Reported in Derry, New Hampshire; Emergency Crews Responding

Emergency crews rushed to the scene of a house explosion in Derry, New Hampshire on Thursday afternoon. The state Fire Marshal’s Office confirmed the incident on Goodhue Road, but details regarding any injuries were not immediately available. As emergency responders work to assess the situation, residents in the area are on edge, awaiting further updates … Read more

Miami Murder-Suicide Claims Two Student-Athletes from New Hampshire College

Miami, Florida – Tragedy struck in Miami, Florida, where two women, identified as student-athletes from New Hampshire’s New England College, were fatally shot in a murder-suicide incident over the weekend. Meghan Moore, 25, and Sidney Capolino, 23, were the victims of the heartbreaking event, which unfolded at an apartment building where the two women resided … Read more

Convicted Massacre Perpetrator Arrested in New Hampshire

RYE, New Hampshire – A former military police officer convicted of multiple murders in a 2015 Brazilian massacre has been apprehended in New Hampshire, immigration officials announced Wednesday. Antônio José de Abreu Vidal Filho, 29, was the subject of an active Interpol Red Notice after being found guilty of 11 murders and sentenced to nearly … Read more

FATHER Harmony Montgomery Murder Trial: New Hampshire Begins Trial with Absent Defendant

MANCHESTER, N.H. – The trial of Adam Montgomery, accused of murdering his 5-year-old daughter Harmony Montgomery, began on Wednesday with the defendant absent from the courtroom. However, he made a virtual appearance and expressed his intention to admit guilt to some of the charges against him, although not to the murder of his daughter. Harmony … Read more

Green 1997 Jeep Cherokee with Possible New Hampshire Plates Involved in Fatal 1997 New York Road Rage Shooting

MANCHESTER, N.H. – More than 25 years ago, an unsolved road rage incident on a New York highway left a man fatally shot, and new evidence suggests that his killer might be from New Hampshire. On the evening of Feb. 5, 1997, Richard Aderson, 47, was driving a gray 1995 four-door Volvo sedan on Interstate … Read more

Kid Governor Ellie Lively Takes a Stand for Animal Welfare in New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H. – Fifth-grader Ellie Lively has been sworn in as New Hampshire’s new ‘Kid Governor’ with a specific focus on animal welfare. The inauguration ceremony took place at the State House in Concord, where she took the oath of office administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice Gordan MacDonald. Ellie, hailing from Nashua, attends Bicentennial … Read more