ELK GROVE Police Seek Public Help in Identifying Explosions Suspect

ELK GROVE, Calif. – Authorities in Elk Grove, California, are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect responsible for triggering two explosions in the area. The incidents occurred first at Jones Family Park on Tuesday evening and then at Baneberry Court the following day, leading police to believe they are connected. Surveillance footage captured … Read more

Robbery Alert: Chicago Police Seek Public Help Identifying Red Line Attack Suspects

Chicago, Illinois – The Chicago Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying six individuals who reportedly assaulted and robbed a Red Line rider on the South Side of the city. The incident occurred earlier this month near the 79th Street station, where the suspects approached a 19-year-old man around 7:15 p.m. on February … Read more

Help Needed: Identifying Suspect in West Hollywood Assault Caught on Camera

West Hollywood, California – Authorities in Los Angeles County are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect involved in an assault on a Block-By-Block Security Ambassador with a deadly weapon. The incident occurred on February 15th in the 7300 block of Santa Monica Boulevard. Surveillance footage shows the security ambassador passing two … Read more

San Diego Police Seek Public’s Help in Identifying Suspect in East Village Fatal Shooting

SAN DIEGO, CA – A fatal shooting in the East Village over the Presidents Day weekend has left authorities searching for the unidentified assailant responsible for the death of a 43-year-old man. The victim, identified as Ali Jabbar, was walking with a group on a sidewalk when he was targeted by the shooter on Sunday … Read more

Unidentified Victim of “Happy Face Killer” Close to Breakthrough in Identifying Her, Seeking Public’s Help

LOS ANGELES, CA – After over 30 years, Riverside County investigators are on the verge of identifying a woman who was brutally murdered by the notorious “Happy Face Killer.” The serial killer, Keith Hunter Jesperson, admitted to killing the woman in the early 1990s but her identity remains a mystery. The Riverside County district attorney’s … Read more

DNA Technology Leads to Breakthrough in Identifying 90s Serial Killer Victim with Possible Southwest Louisiana Ties

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. – After more than 30 years, a cold case involving the murder of a Jane Doe victim may have ties to Southwest Louisiana. Thanks to advancements in DNA technology, investigators are close to identifying the victim. The woman is one of eight victims murdered by Keith Hunter Jesperson, also known as the … Read more

Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office Seeks Help Identifying Suspect in Cat’s Potential Abuse

FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. – The Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance in an investigation involving a potentially intentional harm to a pet. According to the sheriff’s office, the incident occurred in the Lake Monticello community on January 6th, and the victim, a cat named Shadwell, was found injured in the area of … Read more

Breakthrough in Identifying the “Happy Face Killer’s” Riverside Victim: Investigators Seek Public Help

Riverside County, California – Riverside County investigators are on the verge of a major breakthrough in identifying a woman who was brutally killed by the notorious “Happy Face Killer” over 30 years ago. The killer, Keith Hunter Jesperson, admitted to the murder of the woman, who was referred to as “Claudia,” and seven other female … Read more

HAPPY FACE: Riverside County DA’s Office Seeks Help Identifying Victim of Serial Killer

Riverside, California – The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office is reaching out to the public for help in identifying a potential victim of a notorious serial killer known as the “Happy Face” killer. Authorities are hoping that with the public’s assistance, they can finally provide closure to the unidentified victim’s family and bring the killer … Read more

Toronto Police Use DNA Testing to Solve 1982 Homicide Case after Identifying Suspect

TORONTO – Toronto police have made a breakthrough in a decades-old homicide case by identifying the suspect using DNA testing. 47-year-old Kevin McBride was found stabbed to death in his apartment in Scarborough in 1982. Police say they have now determined that the source of the unknown DNA left at the crime scene was a … Read more