Explosion in Rafah Spurs Calls to Murder Jews, Sparking Outrage

Residents of Rafah, Palestine are facing increased tensions following an explosion that resulted in calls for violence against the Jewish community. The incident has sparked outrage and fear among residents in the region, highlighting the ongoing conflict and animosity in the area. After the explosion in Rafah, there have been reports of individuals making threats … Read more

Columbia Students Chanting About Attacking Jews: Where Are the Parents?

New York, NY – A group of Columbia University students have been caught on video chanting about attacking Jews, sparking outrage and concern over the lack of parental supervision in such incidents. The video, captured on campus, has prompted discussions about anti-Semitism and the need for education on tolerance and respect among students. This troubling … Read more

Spree of Violent Attacks on Orthodox Jews in NJ – Man Pleads Guilty to Hate Crimes

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey – Dion Marsh has pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes after a string of violent attacks against Orthodox Jews in Lakewood, New Jersey. In April 2022, Marsh launched a series of assaults against Orthodox Jews in and around Lakewood, a city in central New Jersey known for its Orthodox Jewish community. … Read more

“Global Call for Violence”: ISIS Calls for Targeting Jews, Christians, and Muslims Worldwide

TORONTO, Canada – The recent resurgence of anti-Semitism in Canada raises concerns beyond the Jewish community. History has shown that when anti-Semitism goes unaddressed, it has the potential to spread and impact other groups as well. The failure of political will in Canada to confront this issue from the start of the Israel-Hamas war on … Read more