Lebanon Man Found Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter in Wife’s Death, Faces Sentencing in June

Lebanon, Indiana – In a tragic turn of events, Andrew Wilhoite, a resident of Lebanon, was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of his wife, Nikki. Wilhoite had initially faced a murder charge related to the untimely passing of his spouse. A jury in Boone County deliberated for approximately nine hours before reaching … Read more

Border Tensions Escalate as UN Observers Targeted in Lebanon Explosion

Ankara, Turkey – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned an explosion targeting an Observer Group Lebanon (OGL) patrol that resulted in the injury of three UN military observers and a language assistant. The incident underscores the critical importance of ensuring the safety and security of peacekeepers in conflict zones, according to a statement … Read more

Border Explosion in Lebanon Injures UN Observers amid Ongoing Conflict

Lebanon – The United Nations Secretary-General has expressed serious concerns over recent clashes at the border after an explosion injured three UN military observers and a Lebanese interpreter. The incident occurred during a patrol along the southern Lebanese border, where tensions have been escalating between the Israeli military and Hezbollah militants. The clash between the … Read more

Explosion Injures UN Personnel in Southern Lebanon: Investigators on the Case

BEIRUT, LEBANON – A recent explosion in southern Lebanon has left three United Nations personnel and a translator injured, prompting an investigation by the international organization. The blast occurred during a foot patrol near the Blue Line, a U.N.-drawn boundary between Lebanon and Israel. The injured individuals, including three members of Observer Group Lebanon (OGL) … Read more

Beirut Blast Survivor Stories: New Book Sheds Light on Women’s Struggles in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon – In the summer of 2020, Lebanon faced the dual challenges of a global pandemic and an internal economic crisis. Then, on August 4th, a devastating explosion rocked the port of Beirut. A warehouse filled with ammonium nitrate caught fire, resulting in one of the most significant non-nuclear blasts in history. The explosion … Read more

Explosion Kills Three Hezbollah Operatives Near Lebanon Border Following Suspected Israeli Airstrike

Three Hezbollah operatives were killed in a reported explosion in the Jadida-Yabus area of Syria, near the border with Lebanon. Reports indicate that the incident was a result of a suspected Israeli airstrike targeting two Hezbollah trucks transporting weapons in the region. The attack has put Israeli communities along the Lebanon border on high alert, … Read more