Deerfield Massacre Book Reveals Truth about Native Attacks in Early America

Deerfield, Massachusetts, a town steeped in colonial history, was once the site of a brutal attack known as the “Deerfield Massacre.” In a new book titled “The Deerfield Massacre,” author James L. Swanson delves into the events of the 1704 siege, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play during this tumultuous period in American … Read more

Man Found Guilty of Recording Violent Death of Alaska Native Woman on His Cellphone Convicted of First-Degree Murder

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A South African man has been convicted of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of two Alaska Native women after recording the violent death of one of the victims on his cellphone. Following a swift deliberation of less than two hours, the jury unanimously found 52-year-old Brian Steven Smith guilty. … Read more

Native American Community Holds Vigil for Murdered Woman in Brookings, South Dakota

BROOKINGS, S.D. – A community gathered on a warm Monday night to pay tribute to Kyla “Kyla Jo” Mercy Red Bear, a 25-year-old Native American woman whose body was found after she disappeared earlier this month. The emotional vigil near where her body was discovered drew more than 100 people, reflecting the diverse population of … Read more

Bequia Plane Crash Claims Springfield Native Pilot and Family in Caribbean Sea

SPRINGFIELD, NJ – A Springfield native living in Bequia has been identified as the pilot who died when his plane crashed into the sea west of Petit Nevis on Thursday, along with a father and his two young daughters, local authorities said in a news release. The plane, which was heading toward St. Lucia, took … Read more

MMIW tragedy provides bittersweet justice for Oklahoma native family

Del City, Oklahoma – A family from Del City, Oklahoma, has finally received justice nearly three years after the tragic murder of two of their loved ones. This case sheds light on the alarming issue of missing and murdered Indigenous people (MMIW), which plagues not only Oklahoma but many other parts of the United States. … Read more