Firefighters Respond to House Fire and Possible Explosion in Upper Oxford Township, Two Airlifted to Local Hospitals

UPPER OXFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A house fire in Upper Oxford Township on Sunday morning led to two individuals being airlifted to local hospitals for treatment. Emergency responders were alerted to the incident at the 1500 block of Limestone Road around 9:10 a.m., following reports of a fire and a possible explosion. Upon arrival, firefighters … Read more

Convicted Parents of Oxford School Shooter Receive 10-15 Year Prison Sentence for Involuntary Manslaughter

Oxford, Michigan- Jennifer and James Crumbley, the first parents in the United States to be convicted of involuntary manslaughter for their son’s involvement in a school shooting, were sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison. The tragic incident unfolded when their son, Ethan, carried out a shooting rampage at Oxford High School, resulting in … Read more

Father Slams Crumbleys’ Blame Game in Oxford High School Shooting Sentencing

Rochester Hills, Michigan, – A father of a victim of the 2021 Oxford High School shooting expressed his frustration with the parents of the shooter, James and Jennifer Crumbley, during their sentencing on Tuesday. Steve St. Juliana, the father of Hana St. Juliana, criticized the Crumbleys for deflecting blame and refusing to take responsibility for … Read more

Oxford School Shooting Tragedy: Parents Sentenced to Prison for Involuntary Manslaughter

Oxford, Michigan – The tragedy that unfolded at a high school in Oxford, Michigan, where four students lost their lives, has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding school safety, gun ownership, and parental responsibility. The incident, which left a lasting impact on the community, underscores the complex dynamics at play when it comes to addressing issues … Read more

Involuntary Manslaughter Verdict for Father of Oxford High School Shooter

Pontiac, Michigan – A Michigan jury found James Crumbley guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday for the deaths of four students at Oxford High School. Crumbley, the father of school shooter Ethan Crumbley, is the first parent in the United States to face criminal charges in connection with a mass school shooting. … Read more

Michigan Jury Deliberates Father’s Role in Oxford High School Shooting

Pontiac, Michigan – A jury in Michigan is currently deliberating in a trial that will determine whether a parent should be held accountable for a tragic school shooting carried out by their child. The trial in a suburban Detroit court involves James Crumbley, the father of Ethan Crumbley, who fatally shot four students at Oxford … Read more

Trial of James Crumbley, Father of Oxford High School Shooter, Begins with Opening Statements

Pontiac, Michigan – Opening statements are scheduled to commence on Thursday in the manslaughter trial of James Crumbley, the father of the teenager responsible for the tragic shooting at Oxford High School in 2021. James has pleaded not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the incident where his son, Ethan, took … Read more

Trial of James Crumbley: Key Details in the Oxford High Killings Case Unveiled

Pontiac, Michigan – As the trial of James Crumbley continues in Pontiac, Michigan, the nation anxiously awaits the outcome in the aftermath of the tragic Oxford High School killings. Crumbley, the father of the alleged shooter who killed four students and injured seven others, faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, among others. The case has sparked … Read more

Murder: Woman Found Guilty of Killing Man in Oxford After Cat Blending Incident

Oxford, England – A woman has been found guilty of murdering a man as he walked home from a night out in Oxford. Scarlet Blake, 26, was convicted by a jury at Oxford Crown Court for the killing of Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, in July 2021. His body was discovered in the River Cherwell at … Read more

Father of Oxford High School Shooting Victim Reacts to Jennifer Crumbley’s Guilty Verdict

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN – The father of one of the students tragically killed in the 2021 mass shooting at Oxford High School expressed his emotions following the guilty verdict for the mother of the shooter. Craig Shilling, father of Justin Shilling, described the verdict as a long-awaited step toward accountability. Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the … Read more