Father Slams Crumbleys’ Blame Game in Oxford High School Shooting Sentencing

Rochester Hills, Michigan, – A father of a victim of the 2021 Oxford High School shooting expressed his frustration with the parents of the shooter, James and Jennifer Crumbley, during their sentencing on Tuesday. Steve St. Juliana, the father of Hana St. Juliana, criticized the Crumbleys for deflecting blame and refusing to take responsibility for … Read more

DAP slams ‘violent’ attack on Ngeh’s home after fire

The city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Democratic Action Party (DAP) has condemned a recent attack on the home of politician Ngeh Koo Ham as a “violent” act. The incident occurred on January 10, 2024, when a fire broke out at Ngeh’s residence. According to reports, the fire was allegedly set intentionally, prompting DAP … Read more

Ramaswamy Slams Knee-Jerk Gun Control Reactions After Iowa School Shooting

Perry, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy criticized the knee-jerk policy reactions expected from politicians in the wake of a school shooting that left one student dead and five others injured. During a sit-down with voters, Ramaswamy emphasized the need to focus on mental health, rather than gun control legislation in response to the … Read more