Misinformation Spreads Virally on Social Media Regarding False Iran Explosion Rumors

Isfahan, Iran – A misleading image circulating on social media falsely claimed to show an explosion in Iran, sparking confusion and misinformation. The photo, widely shared in various languages on platforms like YouTube, was also shared by prominent newspapers like Hong Kong Commercial Daily and Malaysia’s Nanyang Siang Pau. However, the image did not depict … Read more

Violent Attack Lands Ocala Man in Jail for Battery and False Imprisonment

WILDWOOD, FL – A violent incident involving a man and his girlfriend has resulted in the arrest of Michael Joseph Whitaker, 40, from Ocala. Whitaker faces charges of battery and false imprisonment following an altercation that left his girlfriend in distress and in need of medical attention. Wildwood Police Department’s report stated that the victim … Read more

**Indian Student Death in Massachusetts Sparks Outrage over False Murder Allegations**

Freetown, Massachusetts – The tragic death of Abhijeeth Paruchuru, a young Indian student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, has stirred up a wave of controversy and misinformation in his home country. Reports circulating online, particularly in India, have falsely suggested that Paruchuru was murdered in Boston as part of a purported trend of anti-Indian … Read more

Neighbor sentenced to two and a half years for brutal assault and false accusations

CORK, IRELAND – A farmer in Ballyanly, Inniscarra, Co Cork has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail for assaulting his 64-year-old neighbor, Mary O’Brien Daly. Hugh O’Brien, 52, displayed disruptive behavior during his sentencing, leading to his removal from the courtroom. O’Brien’s relentless verbal outbursts included accusations against a testifying garda … Read more

Jailed: Norfolk couple sentenced to 12 years for assault, false imprisonment, and GBH

Two individuals, Elisha Robinson, 23, of Hurricane Close, Attleborough, and Jodie Colvin, 23, of Sterlet Grove, Mulbarton, have been sentenced to 12 years and 9 months in jail after pleading guilty to assault by penetration, causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, false imprisonment, and inflicting grievous bodily harm. The conviction stems … Read more

False Claim: A billion people dead since COVID-19 vaccine rollout, fact-check confirms actual toll

Atlanta, Georgia – A video shared on Facebook claims that a billion people worldwide have died since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but this assertion has been debunked as false. The video from The People’s Voice alleges a significant decline in the global population since the vaccine was introduced, with on-screen text stating “Global population reduced … Read more

Apology Issued by Travis County DA’s Office After Innocence Hearing Reveals False Theories in Decades-Old Murder Case

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas – A post-conviction innocence hearing was held in Travis County on Friday, revisiting a decades-old murder case and leading to an apology from the District Attorney’s Office to the victim’s family. The case involves the conviction of Allen Andre Causey for the murder of Anita Byington in July 1992, and he was … Read more