Photography: The Dilemmas of Depicting Mass Shootings and Law concerning Privacy Rights for Victims of Mass Violence

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO: Following the tragedy at Columbine High School in 1999, the debate over whether to release graphic autopsies under the public records law drew attention to the public’s right to know versus the victims’ privacy rights. The Colorado judge’s decision to keep these reports hidden, citing the unprecedented nature of the event, showed … Read more

“Camera Revives 50-Year Mystery of Aconcagua Deaths” – New Evidence Uncovered by Janet Johnson’s Photography

Aconcagua, Argentina – A 50-year-old mystery surrounding the deaths on Aconcagua is being brought back to life by Janet Johnson’s camera. The American climber recently uncovered a roll of film that might shed light on the tragic events that took place on the highest peak in South America in 1970. Johnson, who had been searching … Read more