Yellowstone Tragedy Averted: Quick Response Halts Armed Assailant Planning Mass Shooting on Independence Day

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming — Tension gripped Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park following a shooting incident on July 4, where 28-year-old Samson Lucas Bariah Fussner was shot dead after he opened fire near a dining facility filled with people. Authorities reported that the shooter had previously taken a woman hostage and expressed intentions to … Read more

Architect Behind Chilling ‘Planning Document’ for Gilgo Beach Murders Faces Multiple Charges

New York, USA – The recent arrest and charges brought against Rex Heuermann, a suspected serial killer dubbed the Gilgo Beach killings suspect, shed light on his chilling “planning document” found by investigators. The architect allegedly detailed a methodical blueprint on how to select, kill, and dispose of his victims, leaving authorities stunned by the … Read more

Chilling Footage Captures Police Shooting of Man Planning Mass Attack

London, UK – Chilling footage has emerged showing the moment police in the UK shot a man who was reportedly planning a mass shooting. The video, captured on a body camera, shows the suspect being confronted by officers before being shot and subdued. The incident took place in a residential area in Bristol. According to … Read more