Disparities in Preventable Premature Deaths Highlighted in Rural Communities

In rural areas of Montana, residents are facing high percentages of preventable premature deaths, particularly in noncore counties. Disparities in premature deaths were found to vary by cause and were associated with demographic factors such as race and ethnicity. Data on disparities in cause-specific premature deaths are needed to develop interventions and health care policies … Read more

Drug Pandemic: The Shocking Truth Behind Preventable Deaths Linked to Overprescription

Washington D.C., United States – The alarming rise in deaths due to drug overdoses has brought to light a concerning trend of overtreatment with medications. Despite the preventable nature of most drug-related fatalities, the death toll continues to climb, painting a grim picture of the current drug pandemic. In a study conducted in 2013, it … Read more

Child Mortality Rate Declines in Southern Asia, But Millions Still at Risk from Preventable Causes

Dhaka, Bangladesh – A recent UNICEF report reveals a 72 percent decrease in the mortality rate for children under the age of 5 in Southern Asia over the past 30 years. Despite this progress, millions of children are still succumbing to preventable causes, emphasizing the ongoing need for interventions and healthcare improvements in the region. … Read more

Gaza Health Crisis: Aid Groups Warn of Potential ‘Explosion in Preventable Child Deaths’

In Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, the Israeli military’s ongoing bombardment since October has created a humanitarian crisis, with aid groups warning of potential preventable child deaths due to severe food poverty and lack of access to medical care at Nasser Hospital. The conflict, now the deadliest between Israel and Gaza, shows no signs of letting … Read more

Bureau of Prisons System Failures Contribute to Hundreds of Preventable Inmate Deaths

WASHINGTON – A recent report released Thursday uncovered systemic failures within the federal Bureau of Prisons that contributed to the deaths of hundreds of federal prisoners, including high-profile cases such as notorious gangster Whitey Bulger and financier Jeffrey Epstein. The report highlighted deficiencies in mental health care, emergency responses, and the detection of contraband drugs … Read more