Disparities in Preventable Premature Deaths Highlighted in Rural Communities

In rural areas of Montana, residents are facing high percentages of preventable premature deaths, particularly in noncore counties. Disparities in premature deaths were found to vary by cause and were associated with demographic factors such as race and ethnicity. Data on disparities in cause-specific premature deaths are needed to develop interventions and health care policies … Read more

Mental Illness Data Gap Hinders Global Progress: Study Shows Wide Disparities in Prevalence Reporting

Washington, D.C. – Many countries lack data on the prevalence of mental illnesses in their populations, leading to wide uncertainties in global estimates and hindering access to necessary help for many individuals. A recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) reveals the stark disparities in available data on mental health conditions … Read more

Disparities in Black Maternal Health: Urgent Attention Needed to Address Racial Disparities

Atlanta, Georgia – Black Maternal Health Week, observed annually from April 11-17, aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Black pregnant women in the United States. Pregnancy-related deaths remain a significant issue in the country, with hundreds of individuals perishing during pregnancy or postpartum each year. Shockingly, over 80% of these deaths are … Read more