Guilty Man Accepts Fate: Death Row Inmate Ends Appeals, Prepares for Punishment

CITRONELLE, ALABAMA – Derrick Dearman, the man responsible for the brutal murders of five people with an ax and a gun in Citronelle eight years ago, has made a shocking admission. Dearman, now facing the consequences of his heinous actions, has decided to forgo any further appeals and accept his death sentence. Dearman’s murderous rampage … Read more

Execution of Alabama Inmate Kenneth Smith Raises Questions About Cruel and Unusual Punishment

ATMORE, ALABAMA – On the evening of January 2, 2024, the state of Alabama conducted the execution of death row inmate Kenneth Smith, 58, using a method that had never before been used to put human beings to death. Smith was left writhing in apparent agony for at least two minutes before he finally succumbed, … Read more

Death Penalty Decision: Federal Prosecutors Seeking Capital Punishment for White Supremacist in Buffalo Supermarket Massacre

BUFFALO, N.Y. – After a moratorium on federal executions was enforced by Attorney General Merrick Garland just months into his tenure, federal prosecutors have announced that they will seek the death penalty for a white supremacist responsible for the deaths of 10 Black people at a Buffalo supermarket. This decision marks the first approval of … Read more