Russian Defector Found Shot Dead in Spain Linked to Putin’s Critics Trend in Mysterious Deaths

Residents of Villajoyosa, Spain were shocked by the recent discovery of a former Russian helicopter pilot found dead in their village on February 13. The 28-year-old, Maxim Kuzmenov, had defected in opposition to Russia’s war in Ukraine and was identified days later, as he had been living under a fake name. This tragic event is … Read more

Deadly Inferno: Fire Ravages High-Rise in Spain, Claims Multiple Lives

Multiple people have tragically lost their lives in a devastating fire that swept through a high-rise building in the city of Benidorm, Spain. The fire, which broke out in one of the upper floors of the building, quickly engulfed the entire structure, posing a significant challenge for firefighters. The blaze reportedly began in the early … Read more

Rising Death Toll: Multiple Sclerosis Claims More Lives in Spain, Especially Among Women

Madrid, Spain – The number of deaths from multiple sclerosis in Spain saw an increase in 2022 compared to the previous year. According to data, women were more affected by multiple sclerosis than men in the European country, with 212 women and 124 men succumbing to the autoimmune disease in the last year. Furthermore, there … Read more