Unsolved: Baltimore’s Mysterious Trash Chute Deaths Revived with Police Interview Unveiling Disturbing Sleepwalking Theory

BALTIMORE, MD – The mysterious death of Emily Hauze at the Park Charles apartment building in Baltimore more than a decade ago continues to produce vexing details that raise questions about the official police report. According to police, Hauze fell down the trash chute of the apartment building while looking for a bathroom. Aside from … Read more

Animal Cruelty Charges After Newborn Puppies Found in Plastic Bags in Trash

TAMPA, Fla. – A Tampa woman, Angela Giudice-Burris, 44, is facing charges of animal cruelty following a disturbing incident on November 21. The case unfolded when a concerned individual discovered three newborn puppies abandoned in a garbage dumpster on North Clark Street. Shockingly, two of the puppies were found enclosed in plastic, Ziploc-style bags. The … Read more