Assaulted 45-Year-Old Woman Found Unconscious on Popular Coffs Harbour Track In Early Morning Walk

COFFS HARBOUR, New South Wales – Police in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, have increased patrols following a series of violent assaults in the area. The latest incident involved a 45-year-old woman who was assaulted while on an early morning walk along a popular track. The victim was found unconscious after several hours, with the … Read more

Manager Brutally Attacked and Punched Unconscious in Restaurant Assault

Perth, Australia – A restaurant manager in Perth, Australia was brutally attacked and punched unconscious in a violent incident that has shocked the local community. The manager was targeted by unknown assailants while closing up the restaurant late at night. The attack on the restaurant manager has raised concerns about safety and security in the … Read more

Plantation Double Murder-Suicide: Father Found Unconscious After Apparent Overdose

Plantation, Florida – Authorities have identified the victims of an apparent double murder and attempted suicide that shook a community in Plantation, Florida. Sara Ashley Gama, 38, and her 2-year-old son, Ethan Aponte, were found deceased inside their residence on Northwest 97th Avenue, according to a statement released by the Plantation Police Department. The father, … Read more

Emergency Mystery: Asbury University Student Found Unconscious and Injured in Dorm Room

WILMORE, Kentucky – Isabella Willingham, a 21-year-old student at Asbury University in Kentucky, was rushed to emergency care after being found unconscious, not breathing, and with severe wounds and bruises in her dorm room. She received CPR for 23 minutes and the cause of her injuries remains a mystery, prompting a lengthy investigation that has … Read more

Manhunt launched for man who choked woman unconscious on Swauger Valley Road

Deputies in Smalltown, USA responded to a distressing call regarding a violent incident that occurred on Swauger Valley Road. A woman reported that she had been attacked by a man who choked her until she lost consciousness before fleeing the scene. The authorities were quick to act upon learning that the man in question had … Read more

Search underway for woman beaten unconscious and abducted from Dayton gas station

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) – Authorities in Dayton, Ohio are urgently searching for a woman who was beaten unconscious at a gas station before being put in a car and driven away on Friday night. The incident has sparked fears for the woman’s safety and has led police to launch a comprehensive investigation to track down … Read more

Violent Attack Near Market Square Leaves Victim Bruised and Unconscious – Suspect Wanted for Aggravated Assault

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – A disturbing incident unfolded near Pittsburgh’s Market Square, where a violent attack was captured on video last week. The footage depicted multiple individuals assaulting a man on the pavement, with David Rivera allegedly kicking the victim in the face, leading to a warrant for his arrest on charges of aggravated assault. Upon … Read more

Elderly Melbourne Doctor Assaulted by Unconscious Man, Arrest Made and Community Shocked

Brighton, Melbourne – A 76-year-old doctor was brutally assaulted on the first day of the New Year after coming to the aid of an unconscious man. The doctor, known as a beloved figure in the community, was attacked by the man he was trying to help, an incident that has sent shockwaves through the tranquil … Read more