Shooter in Deadly UNLV Attack Identified as Former Professor from North Carolina

Las Vegas, Nevada – A new video has emerged depicting a dramatic shootout between a campus police officer and a gunman that marked the end of a tragic rampage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in December. The released campus surveillance footage is part of approximately 20 hours of video and audio files that … Read more

Shootout at UNLV: Video footage shows campus shooter killed by police after 3 professors shot dead

Las Vegas, Nevada – The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has recently released a video capturing the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of a campus shooter by the police. The incident unfolded after three professors were tragically shot dead on the campus. The video provides a chilling insight into the events that … Read more

Campus Surveillance Video Captures Deadly Shootout at UNLV

Las Vegas, NV – Security footage released by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas showed a campus police officer engaging in a deadly shootout with 67-year-old gunman Anthony Polito on December 6, 2023. The incident resulted in the death of three professors and the injury of a fourth. The footage captured by surveillance cameras portrayed … Read more

Campus Gunman Caught on Video by UNLV Security During Shooting

Las Vegas, Nevada – The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has recently released a significant amount of footage regarding a campus shooting incident that resulted in the tragic deaths of three individuals. The released materials include 20 hours of surveillance video from campus security cameras and body cameras worn by campus officers, along with more … Read more

UNLV Security Footage Reveals Campus Officer’s Heroic Actions in Deadly Rampage

Las Vegas, Nevada – Newly released video footage from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, reveals the harrowing moments of a deadly rampage that took the lives of three professors and left another severely wounded in December. The footage includes images of a campus police officer bravely confronting the gunman outside a building, ultimately putting … Read more

Gunman in Deadly UNLV Shooting Captured on Campus Surveillance Cameras in Newly Released Video

Las Vegas, NV – Newly released video footage from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas reveals a harrowing rampage last December, resulting in the deaths of three professors and severe injury to another. The incident ended when a campus police officer bravely confronted and fatally shot the 67-year-old gunman outside a building on campus. The … Read more

UNLV Student Dies in Head-On Crash After Surviving Mass Shooting Just Weeks Before

LAS VEGAS, NV — A tragic accident has left a family devastated after a UNLV grad student lost his life in a Christmas trip. The student, Darren Westby, was killed in a head-on crash on Highway 14 in California while on his way home. This devastating event comes just weeks after Westby had experienced a … Read more

Tragedy Strikes: UNLV Student Killed in Christmas Trip Crash Weeks After Mass Shooting

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – A father is mourning the loss of his son, a UNLV student who tragically died in a car accident during a Christmas trip. This devastating event occurred just weeks after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The UNLV student, Darren Westby, was killed in a crash while on a trip to … Read more

Professor Naoko Takemaru’s Home Burglarized Nearly 3 Weeks After Mass Shooting at UNLV

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on December 6, burglars recently targeted the home of one of the victims, Naoko Takemaru. The 69-year-old associate professor was one of three professors killed in the shooting. The burglary took place on December 26, when … Read more

Las Vegas Police Search for Suspects in UNLV Shooting Victim’s Home Burglary

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Las Vegas police are on the lookout for the individuals responsible for breaking into the home of one of the victims of a fatal shooting at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas last month. Naoko Takemaru, an associate professor of Japanese studies at the university, was one of three instructors … Read more