Animal Cruelty Investigation Process Revealed After 31 Animals Rescued in Washoe County

RENO, Nev. – After the recent rescue of 31 animals in Washoe County, an animal abuse investigation is underway. Washoe County Animal Services seized 26 dogs and 5 horses from a property and the owner, Greta Anderson, is facing multiple charges related to animal cruelty.

According to Robert Wooster, the field manager for Washoe County Regional Animal Services, investigations into animal abuse are initiated when a complaint is filed. Officials then visit the property to assess the situation and determine if any animals are being neglected or abused. The owner is informed of the necessary actions to take to ensure the welfare of the animals and given a timeframe to meet those conditions.

Failure to comply with the specified conditions can result in law enforcement intervention, potentially leading to the arrest of the owner. The scope of animal cruelty includes intentional violence, deprivation of necessities such as food, water, and shelter, as well as abandonment, tormenting, or causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

To report any immediate animal welfare concerns, individuals are urged to contact Washoe County Animal Services. The report should include the location and a description of the animal, along with details of the problem and the duration it has been observed. Contact information should also be provided for further assistance if needed.

The case in Washoe County serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to protect animals from abuse and neglect. It showcases the role of animal services in responding to complaints and taking necessary action to ensure the well-being of animals in the community. The investigation process will hopefully shed light on the extent of the abuse and the importance of reporting such incidents to the proper authorities.