Disturbing Video Captures Woman Kicking Dog in Shocking Act of Animal Cruelty in Lowell, Massachusetts

LOWELL, Massachusetts – A woman faced a judge in Lowell, Massachusetts after admitting to kicking her dog multiple times. The incident was captured on camera and brought to light after a car crash forced the property manager to review the footage.

The video, deemed too disturbing to broadcast, shows the woman kicking the dog multiple times and throwing it into an apartment on Westford Street. This act of animal cruelty has left neighbors in tears, shocked and appalled by the mistreatment of the dog named Rex.

Kimberly Hernandez, 30, appeared in court on two counts of animal cruelty. She confessed to abusing her dog, stating that she had been drinking and took her anger out on Rex after he ruined some papers in her car. Despite showing emotion after seeing the footage, she remained largely silent in court and indicated that she would hire her own attorney.

In addition to a bail of $5,000, Hernandez was ordered to have no unsupervised contact with animals and surrender all pets, including Rex, who is now in the custody of animal control. Prosecutors revealed that she became emotional after seeing the footage, suggesting remorse for her actions.

The disturbing incident has sparked outrage among the community, with neighbors expressing their disbelief and heartbreak over the inhumane treatment of the dog. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of holding individuals accountable for acts of animal cruelty, emphasizing the need for stronger laws and consequences to protect animals from such abuse.

Hernandez is due back in court next month to face the charges against her, as the fate of Rex and the future of animal welfare in the community remain at the forefront of concern for residents in Lowell.