Hempstead Man Convicted of Aggravated Animal Cruelty After Kicking Yorkie to Death

HEMPSTEAD, New York – A 62-year-old man from Hempstead, New York, was found guilty of aggravated animal cruelty for fatally kicking a 4-pound Yorkie during a confrontation with the dog’s owners. The incident occurred after the man failed to control his goldendoodle during an argument with the dog’s owners. The jury deliberated for two days … Read more

Lowell Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges After Video Shows Her Brutally Kicking Her Dog

LOWELL, Mass. – Kimberly Hernandez, 30, appeared before a judge in Lowell, Massachusetts on Tuesday, facing charges of animal cruelty after being caught on video abusing her dog. The disturbing footage, discovered by the property manager following a car crash in the area, showed Hernandez kicking her dog, named Rex, and throwing it into an … Read more

Prison Sentence for Horrific Crimes: Man Convicted of Kicking Pregnant Woman in Stomach

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – A man from Idaho Falls was sentenced to prison for committing, what the judge called, “horrific crimes,” including the act of kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach in an attempt to kill her unborn child. The incident took place in South Dakota, and the man was charged with several offenses … Read more

Disturbing Video Captures Woman Kicking Dog in Shocking Act of Animal Cruelty in Lowell, Massachusetts

LOWELL, Massachusetts – A woman faced a judge in Lowell, Massachusetts after admitting to kicking her dog multiple times. The incident was captured on camera and brought to light after a car crash forced the property manager to review the footage. The video, deemed too disturbing to broadcast, shows the woman kicking the dog multiple … Read more

Graphic Video Captures Lowell Woman Brutally Kicking Her Own Small Dog

LOWELL, Mass. – A disturbing video has surfaced showing a woman in Lowell kicking a small dog on Westford Street. Boston 25 News obtained the graphic video, which has caused outrage among neighbors and animal advocates. According to a source, the dog belongs to the woman and her partner. The video shows the woman kicking … Read more