Unmasking the Dark Side of Tech Giants: Their Alarming Role in China’s AI Regime!

In a recent Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing, Geoffrey Cain, a senior fellow at the Foundation for American Innovation, emphasized the urgent need to hold U.S. companies accountable for their involvement in providing China with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that enables the violation of human rights. Cain highlighted how AI is fueling China’s “surveillance state.” He … Read more

White House Cover-Up: China’s Sinister Spy Operations Unveiled

The White House has reversed its position and acknowledged that China had operated a secret spy base in Cuba for several years. The Biden administration is obviously blaming the Trump administration for the situation. A senior official from the Biden administration confirmed that the U.S. intelligence community has been aware of Chinese spying activities from … Read more

Biden’s World Bank Pick: Controversial Ties to Chinese Company¬†

The individual President Joe Biden has chosen to head the World Bank has ties to the Chinese business community.

Ajay Banga is presently the vice chairman of General Atlantic, one of ByteDance’s most influential investors. ByteDance, a Chinese firm, owns TikTok, and the app’s close ties to the Chinese Communist Party have raised security worries.

Chinese Spy Balloon Obtained Information On Military Installations, Data Was Immediately Transferred To Beijing

The U.S. government has concluded its investigation into the Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina on February 4. NBC reported on Monday that Beijing had obtained intelligence despite Beijing’s long-held assertion that the unmanned balloon was a benign civilian airship that accidentally veered off course and flew over sensitive American military installations. During this time, the “benign” airship was observed flying over sensitive American military installations, doing a figure eight over certain areas.

Graham To China: Don’t be Dumber than Dirt

Not surprisingly, Sen. Lindsey Graham is leading the “stand up to Russia” charge among GOP Congressional hawks, stating that China has been warned about any potential military assistance to Russia during the Ukraine conflict during an interview on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.