Explosion in Holon and Bat Yam rocks residents as army exercise shocks locals

Residents in Holon and Bat Yam were startled on Tuesday afternoon by a loud explosion that was heard throughout the cities. The explosion was a result of an army exercise taking place in the area. The blast caused windows to shake and rattled buildings, leaving many residents concerned about their safety. Emergency services were quick … Read more

Myanmar’s Military Urged to Exercise Restraint Amid Border Trading Town Loss

Mae Sot, Thailand – In a diplomatic effort to prevent violence, Thailand’s foreign minister urged Myanmar’s military not to retaliate after losing control of an important border trading town to opposition forces. The situation in Myawaddy, Myanmar, remains tense as guerrillas from the ethnic Karen National Union and pro-democracy People’s Defense Forces now effectively hold … Read more

Border Town Crisis: Thai Foreign Minister Urges Burma’s Military to Exercise Restraint

MAE SOT, Thailand – In a bold move, Thailand’s foreign minister urged Myanmar’s military authorities to refrain from violent retaliation after losing control of a crucial border trading town to their opponents. The situation in Southeast Asia remains tense as guerrillas from the ethnic Karen National Union, backed by pro-democracy forces, seized power in Myawaddy, … Read more

SWAT Team Members Injured in Training Exercise Explosion in Irvine, California

Irvine, California – An explosion during a training exercise left 16 members of the Orange County Sheriff Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team injured in Irvine, California. The incident occurred at the FBI Special Agent Jerry Crowe Regional Tactical Training Facility. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department reported that the injuries took place during a training … Read more