Politics-fueled Strangulation: Florida Couple’s heated argument takes a dangerous turn

North Fort Myers, Florida – A couple with opposing political views had been dating for 25 years without tying the knot, but their disagreements took a violent turn according to Florida investigators. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from the couple’s residence on Wednesday after an argument escalated, leading to one partner … Read more

Judge Hardwick’s Son Shoots Him During Heated Argument, Leaves Him in Serious Condition

Montgomery, Alabama – A shocking incident unfolded on Saturday in Montgomery, Alabama, as Judge Johnny Hardwick was reportedly shot by his own son, Khalfani Hardwick, during a heated altercation, leaving the judge in serious condition. Khalfani Hardwick, a convict with a history of violence, allegedly fired at his father inside their Montgomery home, leading to … Read more