Attack: Gunmen Kill 40, Injure 100 at Moscow Concert Hall

MOSCOW, Russia – A horrific attack unfolded on Friday evening at the Crocus City Hall music venue near Moscow, leaving a trail of death and destruction. At least 40 people lost their lives, with over 100 individuals sustaining injuries at the hands of gunmen clad in camouflage attire. The assailants unleashed chaos by opening fire … Read more

Gunmen fatally shoot man, injure teenage daughter in Cordeaux Avenue incident

Miami, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded on Sunday morning as a 35-year-old man lost his life and his 16-year-old daughter was injured in a shooting off Cordeaux Avenue. The man had just arrived at a residence on Wilson Track to pick up his daughter around 7 am when the dreadful event occurred. Preliminary reports … Read more

Explosions Injure Four in Latest Russian Mass Missile Attack on Zaporizhzhya

Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine – At least four people were injured in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhya on February 15th due to explosions resulting from Russia’s mass missile terror attack. Anatoly Kurtev, the secretary of the city’s mayor, reported the injuries and the devastation caused by the explosions. Ivan Fedorov, head of the city’s military administration, … Read more

Russian Missile Strikes Kill 4, Injure 60 Across Ukraine, Devastating Cities

KYIV, Ukraine – On January 23, Ukraine experienced a devastating attack as Russia launched 41 missiles at the north and east of the country. The attack resulted in at least four fatalities and over 60 injuries, according to officials. In the city of Kharkiv, Governor Oleh Syniehubov reported that four people were killed, including children … Read more

Karachi: Robbers Kill Son, Injure Father in Alarming Street Crime Incident

KARACHI, Pakistan: Street crimes in Karachi continue to pose a serious threat to the safety of its residents. In a recent incident, robbers killed a son and injured his father in Surjani Town when they resisted a robbery, according to police sources. The father and son were on their way to attend a wedding when … Read more

Gunmen Attack Syrian Prison, Kill Head of Security and Injure Four Officers

Deraa, Syria – Unidentified gunmen attacked a prison in Deraa, Syria, killing Major Muntajab Mohsen Pribdani, the head of prison security, and seriously wounding four other officers. The injured officers are currently receiving treatment at the provincial hospital, as reported by the Interior Ministry. Although Deraa was liberated from terrorism in 2018, irregular gangs continue … Read more