Protesters Deface NYC’s ‘Charging Bull’ Statue with ‘Death to Israel’ Message

New York City’s iconic ‘Charging Bull’ statue in Manhattan’s Financial District was recently defaced with graffiti reading ‘Death to Israel’ during a protest. The vandalism was discovered on the bronze statue early one morning, sparking outrage and condemnation from officials and the public. The ‘Charging Bull,’ standing as a symbol of Wall Street’s resilience and … Read more

Arrest Made after 36-Year-Old Man Violently Attacked Teenagers at NYC’s Grand Central Terminal, Prompting Scrutiny of Mental Health in Criminal Justice System

A shocking incident occurred at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal on Christmas Day, where 36-year-old Steven Hutcherson allegedly attacked two teenage tourists from South America. The violent act resulted in severe injuries, including a collapsed lung for one of the victims, and has raised concerns about the handling of individuals with significant mental health … Read more