Watch Out: Matt Gaetz’s Father is Running For Office; Here’s Why

Don Gaetz, the father of Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), has expressed his intention to return to the Florida Senate, a position he once held. At 75 years old, Don Gaetz revealed his plans to file the necessary documents for a campaign in the upcoming year’s election. This decision comes after former state Representative Frank White … Read more

Shocking Moments from the Republican Primary Debate: That Left People Furious

The second Republican presidential debate, hosted by Fox Business and Univision at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, was marked by a cacophony of arguments among candidates and moderators, with viewers criticizing the latter for posing what were seen as irrelevant questions. The debate featured seven GOP contenders, with a notable focus on rising … Read more

Union Joe’s Tepid Welcome: A Sign of Trouble in Michigan?

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden encountered a lukewarm reception from the striking autoworkers in the Detroit vicinity, with many voicing apprehensions regarding his endorsement of electric vehicles. Casey Rutner, a Ford truck assembler, said he had mixed feelings about Biden being here today. Rutner expressed his yearning for job security, not only for himself but … Read more

Epic Downfall of Bidenomics: The Grand GOP Resurgence Under Trump’s Banner!

In American politics, Joseph R. Biden has never been a shining star. His first attempt at the presidency in 1988 was cut short due to plagiarism allegations. His second attempt in 2008 saw him trailing behind, only to be rescued from obscurity by Barack Obama, who chose him as his vice-presidential running mate. This partnership … Read more

Why DeSantis Might Be the Dark Horse to Beat Trump in the Polls

During a recent visit to Iowa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized his commitment to hard work and grassroots campaigning. Although he currently lags behind former President Trump by over 40 percentage points in the polls, DeSantis believes his on-the-ground efforts will eventually pay dividends. On September 16, DeSantis, a former Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps … Read more

Trump Talks About the Driving Forces Behind His 2020 Election Stance and the Ensuing Fallout

Former President Donald Trump recently discussed his decision to challenge the 2020 election results. This decision, which has been a topic of significant debate and controversy, was made after Trump received a great deal of advice from various quarters following the election. After carefully considering these viewpoints and reflecting on his convictions, Trump decided to … Read more

Trump’s Power Play: Could Noem or Ramaswamy Seal the 2024 Victory for Republicans?

Former President Donald Trump, a stalwart of the Republican Party, recently expressed his openness to having a woman as his vice president for the 2024 presidential race. However, he emphasized that while gender diversity is commendable, the primary criterion for his VP pick will be competence and alignment with his vision for America. In a … Read more

Sheriff Reveals How Trump Acted During His Surrender at Fulton County Jail

Patrick Labat, the Fulton County Sheriff, recently shared insights about former President Donald Trump’s demeanor during his surrender at the Fulton County Jail. Labat described Trump as “stoic” and cooperative during the process, which involved taking his mug shot and fingerprints. Labat expressed his discomfort at witnessing someone of Trump’s stature undergo the booking procedure, … Read more

Department of Justice Under Fire: Startling Bribery Revelations Emerge in Trump Cases

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of its Chairman, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, has embarked on a comprehensive investigation into allegations of misconduct within Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team. The primary concern revolves around purported “abusive tactics” that have been brought to light. Jay Bratt, a senior figure and prosecutor within the … Read more

Latest Democratic Drivel: Suggesting Racism If You Disagree With Kamala Harris

Recently, discussions have emerged about California Governor Gavin Newsom potentially running for the White House in 2024 should President Joe Biden decide not to seek reelection; some supporters of the Biden administration have suggested that replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with Newsom would be problematic. These supporters argue that such a move could be interpreted … Read more