Murder-Suicide Shock: Teacher Kidnapped and Killed in West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Incident

Port St. Lucie, Florida – A tragic incident of domestic violence resulted in a murder-suicide in West Palm Beach, shedding light on the devastating impact of such situations. According to investigators from the Port St. Lucie police department, 45-year-old Jamie Felix, a teacher at Manatee K-8 Academy, was abducted along with her two children by … Read more

Kidnapped and Killed: Former Pro Basketball Player’s Alleged Role in Las Vegas Murder Plot
involving Ex-NBA G-Leaguer and Girlfriend Led to Death of 23-year-old Woman

Las Vegas, Nevada – A disturbing case unfolded in Las Vegas, revealing the tragic final moments of 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers before her alleged kidnapping and murder by former pro basketball player Chance Comanche and his girlfriend Sakari Harnden. Comanche, a 27-year-old former NBA G-League player connected to the Stockton Kings, now faces serious charges of … Read more

Kidnapped Woman Rescued: Queensland Police Arrest Four Men in Connection with Doolandella Assault

Queensland, Australia – A 43-year-old woman was taken from her home in Doolandella and assaulted by a group of men on Friday, according to Queensland Police. The victim was then placed in a vehicle and transported to a property in Forest Lake, where a firearm was discharged into the vehicle. Fortunately, no one was shot … Read more

Jewelry Store Owner Kidnapped, Shot in Armed Robbery: Police Seek Information

BELMONT, N.C. – A jewelry store owner in Belmont, North Carolina was the victim of a terrifying robbery, kidnapping, and shooting on Wednesday night, according to local police. The victim, who was shot in the back, reported that four armed men wearing ski masks were responsible for the violent attack at his store on South … Read more

Asian-American comedian Tou Ger Xiong kidnapped and murdered while trying to meet woman, 4 suspects arrested

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA – Three adults and a teenager are facing charges in the kidnapping and murder of Asian-American comedian and activist Tou Ger Xiong in Colombia last month. Xiong, who had traveled to Colombia to meet a woman he had connected with on social media, fell victim to a disturbing trend in the South American … Read more

Family of Kidnapped Victim Grapples with Efforts to Recover Body and Achieve Closure after Decades-long Mystery

LONDON, United Kingdom – In 1969, Muriel McKay, a mother of three, was kidnapped and murdered by two brothers, Nizamodeen and Arthur Hosein, in a shocking crime that captured the world’s attention. Despite being found guilty of the crime, Mrs. McKay’s body was never found. The bereaved family has recently made an offer to a … Read more

Kidnapped Doctor Tied to Mysterious Deaths at NYC Music Venue

Norwalk, Connecticut – A Connecticut doctor was kidnapped from a New York City music venue that has been at the center of a troubling mystery involving the disappearances and deaths of two concertgoers. The doctor, whose identity has not been disclosed, was taken on a spending spree in the Bronx by his abductor after being … Read more

Kidnapped: Connecticut Doctor Forced on Spending Spree After Abduction From Troubled NYC Music Venue

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – A Connecticut doctor was reportedly kidnapped from the Brooklyn Mirage, a music venue in New York City where two concertgoers recently disappeared and were later found dead. The doctor, who has not been identified, was abducted on July 21 and forced to accompany his captor on a spending spree … Read more

Kidnapped and Beaten: Sarpy County Man’s Harrowing Experience Revealed in Court

SARPY COUNTY, Neb. — A horrific incident unfolded in Sarpy County on December 12, as described during court proceedings. The aftermath of the attack left the victim with irreversible damage, including multiple broken bones to his face. According to prosecutors, the victim’s home was invaded by four young adults, with two of them carrying out … Read more