Biden Spews More Hate for MAGA and Trump

Biden continues his obnoxious spewing of hate for Trump and MAGA supporters. His Labor Day Tour of two battleground states continues his hatred of a good portion of the Republican party who support the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement. Mr. Biden has forgotten his pledge to unite the country, Calling a good portion of the Republican party Fascist.

Endorsements Trump vs. DeSantis

What is the value of a Donald Trump endorsement? Republicans have been grappling with that question this year. However, it is possible that potential presidential candidates would be more effective if they used their endorsements to expand the Republican brand rather than merely thwart party rivals as Florida governor Ron DeSantis did.

FBI Responds to Zuckerberg’s Statement

Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on Rogan’s podcast last week stoked controversy. Especially after Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook limited access to the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election. According to him, Facebook was limited the due to FBI concerns about “Russian propaganda.” This is all the more alarming because of the questionable FBI raid on former President Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago. Republican leaders are currently threatening to rebuild the Department of Justice if they take control of the house. Zuckerberg’s comments raise some red flags.

Trump is Going to Fight Back

Former President Donald Trump has been getting a lot of press lately. The FBI raided his home on August 8, and the events have just continued. On August 11, Trump invoked the 5 Amendment at his deposition. It was also made known that his constitutional rights may have been violated when the FBI seized attorney-client privilege documents and his passports. In his latest move, Trump posted that he plans to file a motion regarding the violation of his rights. The FBI and the DOJ should be held accountable

DeSantis Proposed Rules Will Save Florida from Woke Financial Institutions

According to newly drafted rules posted Monday on the agency’s website, the state investment managers for Florida’s $200 billion pension fund can only evaluate an investment based on its risk or return. DeSantis has rightly criticized financial institutions and executives for considering environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, factors when making business decisions. On Glenn … Read more