Gang Violence Leaves Guwahati Youth Injured and Robbed, Police Investigation Underway

GUWAHATI, India – A violent gang attack in the city of Guwahati on Saturday night left a young man injured and robbed after a heated argument escalated into a brutal assault. The victim, identified as Pankaj Chakraborty, suffered severe injuries to his forehead, abdomen, and face during the attack, which took place in the Basistha … Read more

College Student Murdered and Robbed in Talladega National Forest: Two Women Sentenced to Prison

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Two women, Yasmine Marie Hider, 21, and Krystal Diane Pinkins, 37, have been sentenced for robbing and killing a college student in Talladega National Forest. U.S. Attorney Prim Escalona confirmed the sentencing, with Hider receiving 35 years in prison and Pinkins receiving a life sentence for murder, kidnapping, and robbery charges. The … Read more

Elderly Woman Attacked and Robbed in Violent Oakland Purse Snatching Incident

OAKLAND, Calif. – A 66-year-old woman was violently assaulted by two suspects in North Oakland on Wednesday evening. The attackers stole her purse, iPhone, and a shopping bag before fleeing the scene. The Oakland woman sustained multiple cuts and bruises but declined to be taken to the hospital for further treatment. The violent attack took … Read more

Assaulted Victim Robbed and Stabbed: Police Issue Warrants for Armed Suspects in Townsite Bay

PORTLAND, Maine – On December 28th, police received a report of an assault on a male in the 100 block of Townsite Bay just before 7:00 p.m. The victim, an adult male, reported that three adult suspects entered his residence and demanded money, then proceeded to assault him. One of the suspects even attempted to … Read more

Elderly Community Member Violently Attacked and Robbed in New Haven County

NAUGATUCK, Conn. – An elderly member of the community was violently assaulted in their home in New Haven County on Tuesday, June 6 on Conrad Street (Oak Terrace) in Naugatuck, according to Naugatuck Police. The victim suffered physical injuries and had personal property stolen during the attack, the department said. In response to the incident, … Read more

Murdered Woman’s Home Robbed of 8 Sovereigns of Gold: Shocking Crime Scene Revealed

Mumbai, India – A woman was found murdered in her home, and the perpetrator stole 8 sovereigns of gold. The incident took place at the victim’s residence, and the local authorities are currently investigating the case. The motive behind the murder and robbery is yet to be determined. The victim’s home was reportedly ransacked, and … Read more